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Poetry Corner

Poetry Beatnik Burgundy Sky

I look out as I drive
Out at the westerly
Sunset sky

It is burgundy.

I am used to seeing
Red and pink
Orange and yellow
Blue, and even violet,
But never before
Have I seen a
Burgundy sky.

Its beauty reminds me
Of how I once felt
A feeling of joy, of ecstacy
A feeling of arms around me
Knowing someone cared
A feeling I will never forget
And long to duplicate
A feeling like a
Burgundy sky.

Maybe someday
I'll have it again
That feeling of love, of Life
But never the same
As what I once had
The feeling as soft as a
Burgundy sky.

I know I will never
Feel exactly the same
As ever I have
In the past
But maybe someday
I will almost be there;
The feeling of
Burgundy sky.

Dedicated to Keith Sowinski
October 2, 1994 12:19pm

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